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Stocks and installs some of the highest Audio Visual products to give you that next level experience

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We are leaders in supplying and installing Point of Sale systems, we stock quality products to ensure your finances are in order

Leading Provider of Custom Security Solutions

Monitoring of your business or home providing a visual aid to the security and safety of your property has never been easier

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We make system installation as hassle-free and straightforward as possible. From residential home solutions to large, comprehensive commercial systems, our experienced team of professionals will help you choose the custom home or business solution that most effectively meets your unique needs.


Home security system Perth

Security Systems

Combined with other security measures, cameras can be a formidable tool in the fight against crime

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Point of sale icon

Point Of Sale

Today is but a time of dominating technologies and rising business born through the formerly mentioned

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Icon of Audio visual

Audio Visual

Audio and visual are with the same function as what the eyes and mouth does as a human organ. It is nice that

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Highly modernized home automation

Home Automation

In this highly modernized world, almost all of our tasks are dependent upon the use of technology.

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About Laxxon

Laxxon is an independent locally owned company, established as a multi-division organisation in 2009 in W.A. Australia. We are a team-work company and our mission are entirely dedicated towards a successful long term relationship with customers.

Our company is managed by a professional and highly experienced team who understand your needs. Many of them come from the solution industry. Our continuous training programmes keep us up to date with technology as well as changes in the industry itself.

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Security Systems

Security alarms for homes

Security Alarm

Security alarm can be installed at homes, industrial, commercial establishments and public places. These devices can be used to detect intrusion or unauthorized entry into a specific area to avoid untoward incidents.

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Cctv Surveillance security

Cctv Surveillance

Combined with other security measures, cameras can be a formidable tool in the fight against crime with the CCTV monitoring of your business or home providing a visual aid to the security and safety of your property.

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Communicate with Intercom System

Intercom System

Communicating to people inside and outside your place is made possible and easy by intercommunication device or intercom. This device is generally mounted at homes, establishments and vehicles in the form of loud speaker systems, walkie talkies and phones.

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Access Control security system

Access Control

In every premise, there is a strong need for security. It is very important to have a complete access to who enters and exits your area as well as when it happens. Nowadays, access controls of different types have been introduced as your electronic partner in guarding your vicinity.

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Protect Your Family

Your Security Solution Provider to become an extension of your organization. We analyze and assess the situation and target any application bottlenecks with laser precision, delivering the most cost effective solutions for proactive management of your application.

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