Bored of traditional presentations? Do the usual materials you used when conducting lectures, demonstrations or proposals seems outdated? Then maybe it’s the right time you dispose of your common visual styles of presentation and associate yourself with the latest and advanced technology in audio-visual services.

Although the primary function of both is amplification, the audio-video/amplifier is used to distinguish the multi-channel audio/video receiver from the simpler stereo receiver, With A/V receivers it is possible to receive an audio signal, amplify the audio signal, and allow pass-through of the corresponding video signal to a display device such as a projector or a television. The ability to handle a variety of digital audio signals was also an added fixture. More amplifiers were added for surround-sound playback. Video switching was supplemented to simplify changing from one device to another. Within the last few years, video processing has been added to many receivers.

With audio visual amplifier, the processing and transmission of the audio signals becomes direct. Aside from allowing one to syndicate inputs such as video or slides with sounds to transmit or convey information effectively, the chance of being affected by noise and distortion is widely eliminated. The users can fully enjoy audio and visual to its superior purity and quality.

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