Projector & Screen

One simple way of developing quality time with loved ones is watching your favorite show together. It creates a bond between the parents as well as with their children. It is the moment where they get off the stress in the corporate world, school activities and others.

Laxxon Integrated System now introduces its very own projector screens for a better watching experience. With this, parents and children are most likely to spend more time of watching together especially when they got to customize the screen to the scene they want it to be.

A projector screen of Laxxon lets you personalize the scene through its features of adjusting the brightness, contrast, colors and tints of your screen. With this, quality images can be projected without creating harsh effect on the eyes of the audience especially the kids.

Projector screen functions not only for watching movies and television shows. More importantly, it can be used by parents in teaching academic lectures to the child. In this way, the children will find it more interesting leading them to focus well. Good thing, this projector screen has the capability of zooming images to pin point important matters.

Functions of today’s projector screens are continuously developing. It is designed much better to reach out the needs of every single member of the family.

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