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In this highly modernized world, almost all of our tasks are dependent upon the use of technology. Through this, work becomes easier and hassle free. Nowadays, even household chores can be done by technologically advanced devices that result to a convenient way of living. With this regard, Laxxon Integrated Systems introduces its very own home automation through installing state of art technology into residences. They create amazing scenes and control all factors of technology.

Home Automation by Laxxon uses technology to control the function of home appliances such as television, windows, lights and more. This appears like a simple remote control where you can consume the basic features of a certain appliances with just a click.

Having your works with this home automation is an energy efficient work. Effortlessly, you can turn off and on the light without running up to where the switch has been installed. This saves energy to the people especially if the devices that you are going to reach out are a bit far from your place. There is no need to go up and down if you forgot to turn off an appliance at the ground floor.

Security and safety at your place are also monitored through this home automation of Laxxon. With this, a click can reduced the settings of electric devices such as air conditioner. It also responds when smoke has been detected in cases of fire. The lights have the capability to blink several times as an early warning. In this case, severe incidents will be prevented. In cases where the owner is not around, this technology automatically make a call to the mobile of the owner to alert him/her and automatically make a call with the alarm monitoring company. What is also essential in this is that in case a person an ill feeling or met an accident inside, he or she can use this as medical alarm to seek for assistance.

The owner can watch the happenings live from any internet source in his/her place through Laxxon’s IP Camera Surveillance System. If incidents take place, video evidence can be used to help authorities to justify the happening. This gives a greater chance to support and prove your claims as it actually shows what happened at the scene. This IP Camera Surveillance Systems offers the following:

Laxxon Integrated Systems uses the products offered by the Control 4. It provides ultimate solutions for home automation by integrating all the residential materials at home. It enhances life and provides comfortable, convenient and peaceful way of living. It makes the lighting, video, music, climate control; smart phones and other things worked together and are controlled using a single device.

Laxxon also works with Creston to give the users the power and convenience of “Scenes”. The user may select upon the scenes just set. These scenes include activities starting from “Wake, Away, Home, Watch, Listen, Good Night and more”. Unlimited number of options can be created by the user to personalize their needs at their places. Creston’s home automation aims to give the clients a comfortable, simple and secured living in just a single tap.

Clipsal Push is also in partner with Laxxon in providing the clients with smart home designs through the most intuitive and scalable control systems. It offers the simplest way to automate your systems such as lighting control, audiovisual control and security control. It has the total flexibility to change with your lifestyle.

Imagine doing things with just a click through Laxxon Integrated Systems’ home automation.

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Control4 smart home automation systems

Control 4

With the ever growing and developing technology nowadays, various cool and smart products for home automation are made available in the market. But wait! It isn’t until these advanced devices work together in harmony, that you are able to experience the magic of a smart home.

Developed way back in 2003, Control4 has revolutionized smart home automation systems when it comes to lighting, entertainment, security, energy, and other connected devices.

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Crestron’s home automation


Technology is continuously booming in the present time. Different inventions have been introduced to the public all to make the human living convenient. With varieties of products of this advancement, almost all the activities are dependent upon its function. Crestron’s home automation now introduces the so known “home automation” with the use of art technology to be installed into residences.

A simple house can be easily transformed into a high-tech residence. With just a single tap, activities can easily be accomplished without exerting greater effort. Home automation in this way can provide living with added comfort and peace of mind.

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