ViViPOS Software: Towards a More Successful Cafe and Retail Venture

Today is a time of dominating technologies and rising business born through the formerly mentioned. Internet is, too, widely utilized in almost all ventures existing to date. From the home appliances to handy gadgets, there are varieties of choices that we can have. Not too far from this reality is the need of every business to position itself into its chosen target market; be it through the online business operation or manual advertising. And to choose something that could give a business a new taste and flavor of ease and success is a thing of rare experience.

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Cafe and Retail POS Software

Coping Up with Diverse Business Demands

One of the most widely used system to date in line with business management is the implementation of online stores. This is too common to food and retail industry, especially to those who give their clients the ease of ordering and taking business part through the internet.

So, the question now is, how are we really coping up with the even more diverse and higher demands of our target clients. Are we just getting into the traditionally set up online system that we have been using or are we taking a step higher to try something new.

You are about to witness a sudden yet effective and worthy change with the way you have your business managed online. Yes, you are. With this newly introduced Café and Retail POS Software, you can be of more reliable business system to help you deliver more to your target customers.

Reliable Cafe and Retail POS Software

Introducing More Reliable Café and Retail POS Software

ViViPOS Software is designed for those who are still struggling with their restaurant and retail business and also for those who envision themselves at a greater business success. This system serves takeaway and delivery shops, café and fish-n-chips stores, dine-in restaurants, multi-terminal operations, and even convenience stores.

Enclosed in this very comprehensive system are integrated management scheme that could help you and your business on your sales operations along with promotions and advertising programs, stock control, staff management and a lot more which you will truly find amazingly helpful.

With its specialized support and connectivity features, ViViPOS Software is bound to deliver efficient service to you. It is persuasively more than what a usual system could perform. It has its flexible content management that allows its users to do system customization at a given security control method. What could be best about this is its ability to make easy backup and restores.

ViViPOS Software is committed to bring you and your retail and café venture into something you haven’t been into in the past years of your business operations. Discover this system and learn that a flexible content management, comprehensive reports making features, table management, and many other rich features could be taken from a single system.

ViViPOS Point of sale system

ViViPOS Point Of Sale System

  • - 1 x ViViPOS Terminal
  • - 1 x Receipt Printer
  • - 1 x Card Drawer


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