Security Systems

Crimes can happen at home, offices, public places and even to the most unexpected areas. This is the reason why security system are being considered by property owners.

Security system, when professionally installed at a certain place, can be a formidable tool towards keeping an eye to properties and valuables. They are designed to keep eyes over a place or location and may come in different forms. Security system can include security alarms, intercom, CCTV and access control.

Basically, security alarms are installed to detect unauthorized entry into a premise such as building or compound. It is most commonly used in residential, commercial and even government properties. Intercom, on the other hand, is described by two-way communication device usually utilized for the purpose of easy message relay.

Closed-Circuit Television, also known as CCTV, is a television system with signals not distributed publicly but has the ability to monitor areas for security purposes. In today’s time, CCTVs are not only used to look over a premise but also to monitor traffic on streets. Access Control, however, is the process of putting restrictions or limitations into an access. This could either be an access to a place or to a resource.

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Security Alarms

Various types of security alarms

Security alarms can be installed at homes, industrial, commercial establishments and public places. These devices can be used to detect intrusion or unauthorized entry into a specific area to avoid untoward incidents.

Security alarms may vary depending on the place where they are to be installed. Examples of them are car alarms, fire alarms and security alarms in general.

Car alarms are designed to protect vehicles and contents against damage and theft while fire alarms are for warning against potential fire incidents. The second works by detecting smoke where potential fire burning could come from. Security alarms, on the other hand, can also be installed at doorways to tom prevent unauthorized entry.

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CCTV monitoring

Combined with other security measures, cameras can be a formidable tool in the fight against crime with the CCTV monitoring of your business or home providing a visual aid to the security and safety of your property.

The effectiveness of any CCTV security solution may be diminished unless the system has been professionally designed for the maximum performance of the cameras which should be installed by trained engineers to provide the best view with a high quality of picture.

All CCTV images have the potential to be used as evidence at some point; particularly if your system is installed to assist with the prevention and detection of crime.

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Intercom System

Intercommunication device

Communicating to people inside and outside your place is made possible and easy by intercommunication device or intercom. This device is generally mounted at homes, establishments and vehicles in the form of loud speaker systems, walkie talkies and phones. Over the years, intercom changed and is continued to change to meet the demand of today’s security and communication needs.

Since intercom has the ability to create easy two-way communication between people..

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Access Control

Access control systems

In every premise, there is a strong need for security. It is very important to have a complete access to who enters and exits your area as well as when it happens. Nowadays, access controls of different types have been introduced as your electronic partner in guarding your vicinity.

Access control acts as an electronic eye that allows only the authorised personnel to enter.

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