Access Control

Different types of access control System
In every premise, there is a strong need for security. It is very important to have a complete access to who enters and exits your area as well as when it happens. Nowadays, access controls of different types have been introduced as your electronic partner in guarding your vicinity.

Access control acts as an electronic eye that allows only the authorized personnel to enter. It automatically declined unwanted visitors such as thieves and trespassers. With this, incidents such as lost of properties and other crimes can be prevented and early detection could be promoted.

To further secure your area, most access controls have been installed with CCTV cameras to keep records of who is going beyond the area and detect suspicious people. In case of crimes, there will be a recorded file to be reviewed that can serve as evidence. It also has the ability to be connected with alarms. In cases wherein there is person who plans to make security threat, it will make some warnings to catch the attention of concerned people.

Access controls have the ability to lock or unlock certain areas. It can also be managed by putting codes as well as hiding these if needed. This is to make sure that the person to access that particular area is really familiar. With this, you have an eye with the people inside a particular place.

Aside from these uses, access control is the modernized alternative to keys. As key lost, there is a possibility that the people who get can go through the area. Key problems can be resolved through this. Unauthorized individuals cannot manipulate the area thus; it is a reliable tool for securing the entire place. Easy deactivation can be done in case one left. In any place such as homes, work place and more, access control can help verify the identity of the people around it.

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ROSSLARE security products

ROSSLARE Single Door Access Control

  • - 1 x Vandal Resistant Access Control Numpad
  • - 1 x Magnetic Lock (Up to 200KG holding force)

Includes 2hrs on-site installation

HID Access Control System

HID Access Control System

  • - 1 x Networked Access Controller – Up to 4 Doors
  • - 2 x Electrical Strike (Up to 850KG holding force)
  • - 2 x Card Reader

Includes 6hrs on-site installation