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Security intercom system Perth

Communicating to people inside and outside your place is made possible and easy by intercommunication device or intercom. This device is generally mounted at homes, establishments and vehicles in the form of loud speaker systems, walkie talkies and phones. Over the years, intercom changed and is continued to change to meet the demand of today’s security and communication needs.

Since intercom has the ability to create easy two-way communication between people, it is usually used to make one connected from the other inside the same premise or area. With intercom, the assigned security person can at once make a communication to the other authorized staff to ask for a confirmation whether a person at the entry point would be allowed to enter or not. Too, intercom might as well be used to relay messages from one area point to another without the need for physical presence.

Another use and benefit of intercom is the ability of it to effortlessly question the individual in front of your place of his or her identity. Questions like who he or she is, what she or she needs can be asked. Thus, you would be able to recall if the person who is trying to enter your premise is familiar and could be allowed to get in. With intercom, your time would not be wasted as you need not to personally open your gate just to acknowledge who the person calling out is.

Modern intercoms are designed with cameras to view and listen to the person at the same time. With this, you would be informed if something else is going through outside and near your premise which may give you warn as to what your next move might be. This also applies to upcoming deliveries, mails and more.

Laxxon Integrated System includes the installation of intercom in the list of the services they provide. Contact them today to ask for more information related to this.

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AIPHONE intercom system

  • - 1 x 7″ Color LCD Indoor Station
  • - 1 x IP54 Outdoor Station w/Built-in Camera

Includes 2hrs on-site installation


Panasonic Intercom System

  • - 1 x 5″ Touch Screen Indoor Station
  • - 1 x IP54 Outdoor Station w/Built-in Camera
  • - 1 x Wireless Monitor Station

Includes 2hrs on-site installation